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This book is dedicated to the REAL brains in a sea of dysfunctional models.
Shanmugavel Sankaran
CEO, FixNix, Inc

I owe my success, my name and everything I am to my parents and my family. They have not only supported me in every aspect of my risky journey, but have also believed in me at the lowest points of it. When even I was scared to believe in myself, they did - and that's a huge thing to do.

Also, I am extremely grateful to my Nixers who have put in all their efforts to ensure that the startup does the best it can. They've nurtured FixNix and have watched it expand. I owe them the biggest 'thank you' possible. So here it goes, a shout-out: THANK YOU Nixers!

Prajit Datta
TEDx Speaker | Chief Data Scientist Organization at BAC

Maa and Baba - I'm not sure how to thank the people who brought me into existence. Nothing I say will ever suffice. So basically, I hope you get the gist of my life in these two words: Thank you.

Anivel Sir (my Rajnikanth), and VIT - I have so much to thank you for. Whatever I am today, is because of you and hence, for you. Under your able guidance, I have managed to flourish to the best possible of me. And finally, a very special word of thanks for VIT Spartans. Without you, this book would have been empty. You are the reason this book is inked. Wherever I am, I will always cherish every moment spent fighting for you Spartans.

This book is dedicated to the brains that have now successfully finished reading the first few lines of a book that may forever free those brains of all fears and spur them into action.

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